The Good Old Days of Mayodan, NC

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    What Events People Remember Most About                                     Mayodan

2009         Construction began of Mayo Mountain Access of Mayo River State Park

1998          Tornado strikes Mayodan   


1991          Elliott Duncan Elementary School closes its doors.     

1989          Original YMCA on 2nd Avenue demolished

1987          1st Annual Mayodan Homecoming Festival held

1985          New Post Office opened on the north end of Main Street

1979          Farris Memorial Park is Opened

1978          New Mayodan Library Opened 10th Avenue

1959          Governor Luther Hodges guest speaker at Elliott Duncan Day

1959          Model Plane Show held at Mayodan Ballpark (first of its kind this area)

1957          Purgason Lumber Company destroyed by fire

1955          Town of Mayodan begins garbage collection

1954          YMCA has a Harmony Club

1951          Road going up Mayodan Mountain is paved

1946          Governor R. Gregg Cherry spoke at Mayodan School

1946          Cash Register robbed at Mayo Soda Shop

1940's        Mayodan Football Team disbands

1942-1943 Mayodan's original YMCA was built

1930's        Bi-state Baseball Team disbands 

1932          Water lines come through the town

1927          Business 220 (2nd Avenue) was paved

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