The Good Old Days of Mayodan, NC

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Mayodan's Timeline

1728William Byrd's surveying team encountered Indians in the "Mayodan" area
1883Plans to build a railroad through the Mayo River Valley  were discussed by a
 group of Winston-Salem men. The railroad would run from Salem, NC to 
 Roanoke, VA.
1887Construction began on the railroad and would be known as the Roanoke &
 Southern Railroad under the direction of Francis Henry Fries, son of Salem
 Textile manufacturer.
1892The railroad opened at a cost of $2 million but was later sold to the Norfolk
 and Western Railroad Company
1896Mayo Mills (Washington Mills) began operation
 Mayodan's first church, Moravian Church of Mayodan was established
 Mayodan United States Post Office opens for business (Lewis Farm House on 
 Main Street)
1897Episcopal Church of Messiah was established
1898First public school was formed using a wing of the Moravian Church
1899Mayodan chartered as an incorporated town with W.C. Ruffin as its first mayor
 Mayodan's first Library established thru the efforts of the Mayodan Moravian
1901First Baptist Church of Mayodan was established
 A 3-room frame school building was built on Main Street & Mrs. Weathersbee
 was principal
1902The Pentecostal Holiness Church was established
1904Typhoid Epidemic strikes Mayodan 
1909Miles C. Money Sr. opens the Coca-Cola Bottling Company
1916Bank of Mayodan established on 2nd Avenue
1918Elliott F. Duncan became principal and 11 teachers were employed. The 
 building now housed 8 classrooms and a nearby dwelling was converted 
 into 3 additional classrooms
1921Colonel Fries merged Weaving Mill at Fries, VA and the mill at Mayodan, NC
 to form Washington Mills Company
1924The brick, two-story school building replaced the frame building and two
 high school grades were added.
1925Mayodan Primitive Baptist Church was established
1931Boy Scout troop 62 of Mayodan was established.
1932100 foot addition was added to the mill at Mayodan
1933A gymnasium was added to the school.
1934Another addition was added to the mill
1941A third addition was built on to the mill
1944Girl Scouts of Mayodan were established
1946Bank of Mayodan moves to Main Street sharing a building with the Mayodan
 United States Post Office
1948Mayodan Volunteer Fire Depart established.
1949Mayodan Police Department established.
1950Mayodan United States Post Office moves to Main Street sharing a building
 with Bank of Mayodan
1954YMCA was built
1952Mayodan Town Hall was built on Main Street
1957Mayodan Fire Dept. purchased 2-way communication equipment along with
 with the rest of the county fire departments, making Rockingham County
 the only county in the state with 100% intercommunication system.
 Mayodan's Raido Station - WMYN was established
1958Madison and Mayodan consolidate their schools
1960The town's water system was purchased by the Town from Washington Mills
 for a sum of $45,000 and the water plant was rebuilt for a sum of $175,000
1962Mayodan Fire Department purchases new fire engine
1964-1965Mayodan Airport was established (loacated behind Airport Drive-in Dinner)
1966Mr. Melvin Kendrick opened Mayo Pharmacy on 2nd Ave
1969The area West and North of the City Limits was annexed, enlarging the area
 in square feet by 40% and the population by about 30%
1971New Police Station and Jail constructed
1972Mayodan Fire Department purchases new fire engine.
1973The Town Charter was revised.
 Mayodan hired its first full-time Recreation Director.

Madison-Mayodan Recreation Committee leased the YMCA and changed the name to Madison-Mayodan Recreation Department, as it is still currently known today.

1974Mayodan turns 75 years old!
1975Employment Security Office opens in Mayodan
1978New bridge at Washington Mills on Hwy 135 cost $700,000
1981 Mayodan refused Fluoride Grant for town's drinking water 
 Mayor James Collins files for re-election
1986 Tultex gives Mayodan the building housing M-M Rec Dept. with parking lot
 and the original YMCA building located on 2nd Avenue
1990 100 new Voters registered to vote in Mayodan's election
1993 McMichael High School students have a seventh period added 
 to their school day 
2000 Dillard Elementary is wired for the Internet 

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