The Good Old Days of Mayodan, NC

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                                      How Did Mayodan Get Its Name

The town of Mayodan has an unusual name. The town was named after the two converging rivers in the area: the "Mayo" and the "Dan", hence "Mayodan". My town, is the only town or city in the entire world with this unique name. Mayodan has been documented in "Ripley's Believe It or Not" as the only town with this unique name.


                                          The Beginning

The picture below shows the mill of Mayodan that the town centered around for so many years. It is a common misconception that Avalon Mill and the village of Avalon were established prior to the mill and Town of Mayodan; but this is incorrect. The mill in Mayodan, originally named Mayo Mill, then Washington Mills and lastly, Tultex Mills were founded first. After the Avalon Mill burned on June 15, 1911, the town of Avalon moved their houses to Mayodan since they were owned by the mill and both Avalon Mill and Mayo Mill were owned by the same owners. Avalon Mill employees were given jobs at the Mayo Mill after decisions were made not to rebuild the Avalon Mill.

                                    Mayodan's First Fire Department

The Mayodan Fire Department was first organized in 1948 with its first chief being Eddie Weston. Eddie served as chief until Troy Mitchell took over in 1952 and then later in 1954 James Collins took over. After so many years and fire Chiefs, Mayodan Fire is now run by Chief Bryant Garner.

Mayodan purchased their first fire engine in 1948, which was a 1934 Dodge with a 250 gallon tank with a front mounted pump. At that time their were 18 members of Mayo Fire.                                                                                 

                               Coca-Cola Bottling Plant

1906 Coca-Cola Bottling Plant was founded in Mayodan. Many generations remember standing in front of the plant's big pane-glass-window watching the glass bottles go by. The plant was closed in the 1980's and the building was demolished in the 1990's.


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